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Have you had to deal with medical bills and lost wages due to a personal injury and emotional and physical pain? There is no problem too big or small for our team of lawyers.

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All of your legal options will be explained to you in detail by our injury attorneys. Inquiries such as these may be of interest to you:

  • How will I be able to pay for my medical bills?
  • What do I need to do after a car accident in which I was injured?
  • How much is it worth to file a personal injury lawsuit in Indiana?

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About the City of Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis (Indy) is the state capital and largest city of Indiana and the seat of Marion County. According to the US Census Bureau, Indianapolis and Marion County had a combined population of 977,642. Marion County's "balanced" population was 887,642. As the 15th most populous city in the US (after Chicago and Columbus), it is also the fourth most populous state capital (after Phoenix, Arizona, Austin, Texas, and Columbus). With 2,048,703 residents, the Indianapolis MSA is the 33rd most populous in the US. With 2,431,361 residents, it is placed 28th. Indianapolis is the 18th largest city in the US, with 368 square miles (950 km2).

Personal Injury Lawsuits

When one person is harmed due to an accident or injury, a legal dispute may arise regarding who is legally accountable for that harm.

Contact a Hoosier Injury Attorney immediately if you've been harmed and want to file a personal injury case.

Car Accidents

Car accident lawsuits are filed for most injuries and deaths that occur due to car accidents in the United States. People harmed in car accidents must deal with insurance companies before filing a lawsuit. Insurance companies must have legal representation, and in some situations, a team of attorneys is established. If you're considering suing for damages following a car accident, you should contact an experienced Hoosier personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Slip And Falls Accidents

Following a slip-and-fall accident caused by a property owner's negligence, an injured person may be entitled to compensation for their injuries and other damages.

Our slip-and-fall lawyers will go after the person or company that caused your injury and fight for your deserved compensation. 

Malpractice Claims

It is expected of medical professionals to give the best possible treatment to their patients while also maintaining professional standards. If that care is not provided, medical malpractice can result in severe damage or death. Please contact us immediately to schedule a free consultation with one of our medical malpractice attorneys.

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Accidents

If a nursing home fails to meet its obligations and injures your loved one, your family is entitled to compensation. Only if you succeed do we get compensated. If your lawsuit does not end in a favorable settlement or judgment, your legal expenses will be waived.

Worker's Compensation Claims

If an employee is hurt or gets sick, workers' compensation insurance will cover medical bills and missed earnings. Filing a claim for workers' compensation payments entails a significant amount of documentation. Consider retaining the services of our legal team.

Back Injury Accidents

Severe back injuries sustained in a accident may necessitate significant – and costly – medical therapy before they may restore their health. Many victims never fully recover from their injuries, leaving them to deal with the resulting hefty medical bills, missed wages, and ongoing suffering and mental anguish. You shouldn't possible family member possible family shoulder these costs if you've been injured in a car accident caused by someone else's negligence. After a back injury caused by an accident, an attorney at Hoosier Personal can assist you in recovering compensation for your medical bills and lost wages.

Pedestrian Accidents

You might be entitled to sue the other motorist for damages if you were hit by a car while walking. Contact our legal firm for additional information if you were hurt as a pedestrian.

Dog Bite Accidents

Anyone who has been bitten by a dog understands how frightening it can be. If you've been the victim of a dog attack, contact our dog bite lawyers and paralegals for a free consultation. Whether or not we win your case, our consultations are free.

Work Injury Claims

If you are injured at work, you are entitled to employer-provided benefits, such as free medical care and compensation for lost income. Any aggrieved workers who contact us can receive legal support and effective representation.

Bicycle Accidents

Residents in Indianapolis, Indiana, who have been injured in a bike accident or collision may be entitled to compensation. After an Indianapolis bicycle accident, several acts could affect your financial recovery or compensation claim.

Contact Hoosier Injury Attorney if you are involved in a bicycle accident in Indianapolis. You can count on us to help you get the compensation you deserve if you've been injured in a bicycle accident.

Motorcycle Accidents

In Indianapolis, Indiana, motorcycle accident victims may be entitled to compensation from the person who caused the incident. Medical expenditures, pain, suffering, and lost pay may be covered by financial reward.

Personal injury lawyers are available 24 hours, seven days a week. An experienced Indianapolis motorcycle accident attorney can assist you in obtaining all of the compensation to which you are entitled.

Truck Wreck Accidents

Accident victims in Indianapolis who have been hurt due to another's negligence may be able to sue that person for their losses and injuries. You may be entitled to financial compensation if you are involved in an accident caused by someone else's negligence. Please contact Hoosier Injury Attorney if you have been in a truck accident in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Train Injury Accidents

It's more convenient and less expensive than driving, but it can be more dangerous if the driver isn't paying attention. If you've been hurt due to the negligence of a railway operator or the owner, you should contact a personal injury lawyer right away. You may not be able to sue for damages due to statutes of limitations or other deadlines. Call right now to speak with a Hoosier Injury Attorney professional about your legal requirements. We represent individuals whose lives have been irreversibly altered due to train accidents.

Bus Injury Accidents

You or a loved one may have been injured in an Indiana bus accident. Accidents involving commercial or business buses, school buses, or tour buses can leave passengers with significant injuries or death.

No matter your circumstance, contact Hoosier Injury Attorney as soon as possible. Having an experienced attorney on your side can significantly improve your compensation.

Brain Injury Accidents

Going on a walk, talking with friends, reminiscing with relatives, and eating supper with loved ones might all be ripped away from you instantly. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have serious consequences. When you unnecessarily experienced a terrible injury, your life was forever changed. Because of the complexities of these cases, you should contact an Indianapolis brain injury lawyer at Hoosier Injury Attorney as soon as possible.

Spinal Injury Accidents

While being paralyzed from the waist down following a spinal cord injury is frightening, it is a possibility. It simply takes a single traumatic event or a fraction of a second to change your life path. You might not be able to walk or run any longer. Your financial losses resulting from a spinal cord injury are likely to be significant.

As a result, the Indianapolis spinal cord injury lawyers at Hoosier Injury Attorneys are here to assist.

Birth Injury Claims

During childbirth, doctors and other medical personnel may mistakenly harm your baby. If your child sustains a birth injury, you are entitled to compensation. Hoosier Injury Attorney has a birth injury lawyer in Indiana ready to help you.

Sexual Abuse Claims

Most sexual assaults go unreported is a significant contributor to the problem. Sexual assault survivors are naturally hesitant to speak out. A team of sexual assault lawyers at Hoosier Injury Attorney is here to help you.

Those who commit sexual assault face incarceration or a monetary fine in the criminal justice system. We're going to fight for your rights now.

Child Abuse Claims

Although there are several legal safeguards for children, they cannot prevent all forms of abuse. Parents and caregivers have a moral responsibility to protect their children from the harm they cause.

Your child's well-being is essential to Hoosier Injury Attorney. Are you concerned about a child's safety? For legal help, contact an Indianapolis, Indiana, child abuse lawyer. Abusing a child is a crime, and your child has the right to be protected from it.

Burn Injuries

If you need a burn injury lawyer, contact Hoosier Injury Attorney because you may be entitled to monetary compensation and justice from the individual or persons who caused your injuries. Our attorneys are among the best in the field of personal injury law. Make an appointment with a lawyer for a free consultation right now.

Construction Injuries

You may be unable to work and suffer long-term physical problems due to your construction site accident. A family member may die wrongful death due to a building site accident. When it comes to construction site accidents, the Hoosier Injury Attorneys strive to identify and pursue all responsible parties.

Wrongful Death Claims

Losing a loved one is a complex emotional process that can leave you feeling helpless and uncertain. Preparing for a funeral or other last arrangements can be mentally and physically draining. It may be challenging to cope with medical bills, burial costs, and a loss of income.

If a member of your family has died due to someone else's negligence, contact Hoosier Injury Attorneys in Indianapolis. Our responsibility is to treat these situations with the utmost care and respect. 






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Our Client Reviews
  • Aside from his good track record, Laurence really proved to me that I deserve to be compensated not just for the injuries I've obtained from a medical malpractice case, but also for the emotional trauma that came along with it. He handled all the paperwork needed to file a lawsuit against the surgeon that did me wrong. Now, I am on the road to recovery physically and mentally 🙏🏻
    Nicole Houston
  • Aside from his good track record, Laurence really proved to me that I deserve to be compensated not just for the injuries I've obtained from a medical malpractice case, but also for the emotional trauma that came along with it. He handled all the paperwork needed to file a lawsuit against the surgeon that did me wrong. Now, I am on the road to recovery physically and mentally 🙏🏻
    Larry Kreoll
  • I highly recommend Hoosier Injury Attorneys for anyone seeking a cerebral palsy attorney. They were extremely knowledgeable and dedicated, and I am very grateful for everything that they've done to make sure that my daughter will get the justice and settlement that she deserved.
    Stacy Morency
  • I highly recommend Hoosier Injury Attorneys for anyone seeking a cerebral palsy attorney. They were extremely knowledgeable and dedicated, and I am very grateful for everything that they've done to make sure that my daughter will get the justice and settlement that she deserved.
    Stacy Morency
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Following are some of the areas in which our Indianapolis law firm serves clients:

These towns, which date back to the 1700s, all have a rich history that serves as a way for inhabitants to give back and stay connected. From their new legal office, Hoosier Injury Attorneys will be able to assist clients in the following areas: 

  • Carmel
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Is the Cost of a Personal Injury Attorney high?

Hoosier Injury Attorneys only charges our injury clients if we can get compensation for their losses. To put that into perspective, consider the following information:

  • You won't have to pay a fee in advance when you hire us.
  • A failure to recover compensation for you leaves us with nothing to do. Period. That way, you don't have to worry about it.
  • We'll just take a percentage of the money you get back from the refund. 
  • Your case will be taken to trial with our support, and we'll cover the costs (e.g., paying for consultants, expert witnesses, court costs, filing fees, etc.).

Because we are paid on a contingency basis, we are more motivated to go the extra mile to meet your expectations. 

Alternatively, we work as a team to help you win your case. Our services are free of charge and without any commitment if our work fails to fulfill your expectations. In addition, this implies you have nothing to lose.

When Is the Right Time to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Even though an attorney's help isn't necessary in minor cases (more on that below), it's always good to consult a personal injury lawyer before making any decisions or agreeing to anything with the insurance company.

There are numerous reasons why you should seek the assistance of a Hoosier personal injury attorney.

  • You've been injured physically as a result of the collision.
  • Your injuries necessitated a hospital stay or hefty medical bills.
  • A significant portion of your workdays was lost due to your injury.
  • It was your insurance company that declined your claim.
  • Claims are being handled far too slowly by the insurance company.
  • Efforts are underway to determine the cause of your car crash.
  • Your accident was caused by several people.
  • A settlement offer from the insurance company is lower than you expected, and they are trying to convince you to take it.

Please contact our office for a free consultation if you have any questions about how a personal injury lawyer can benefit your case. We look forward to speaking with you.

Evidence suggests that people who hire a personal injury lawyer will receive a larger payout.

Where Is Your Indianapolis Accident Law Office Located?

Our downtown Indianapolis personal injury law firm is located near the Kroger Grocery Store on Twin Aire Dr. Our address is:

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How Do I Contact Your Personal Injury Attorneys?

Our phones are available 24/7 at (463) 234-7776. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to assist you.

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